Everybody Deserves A Roof Over Their Head

What makes a house a home? Everyone’s got their own theory, but we think security, comfort and community have got a lot to do with transforming bricks and mortar into something more solid. A real home can be a launchpad for families and careers; a sanctuary for creating and holding memories. A place to survive, and to thrive.

Our client

When we were first approached by global engineering firm Atkins to create a new purpose, identity and name for their new social housing brand, we had to be sure the project fitted with our own ambitions – to deliver creative work that sparks a better future. Turns out, we felt right at home.

The opportunity

An estimated 8.4 million people in England live in unsuitable, insecure and unaffordable homes. At the heart of this housing crisis is a severe shortage of good-quality, affordable housing that’s been a growing issue since the 1970s.

Atkins aims to tackle the housing crisis head-on and positively transform the face of social housing in the UK. By safely developing disused, brownfield land, they aim to deliver sustainable social and affordable housing and create the conditions that allow individuals, families and communities to flourish.

To mark the beginning of their ambitious revolution, Atkins wanted to build a brand with a memorable new name, identity and purpose; to be a living, breathing brand, at the start, and at the heart, of social change.

Our approach

When it comes to the housing crisis, there are a lot of stakeholders and key groups to listen to: the client, the local authority, the surrounding community, your employees and your future residents. And then there’s the mother of all stakeholders to consider: the environment.

After in-depth interviews and outreach with key groups it became clear that a brand that exists to help solve a social crisis would boil down to one key human truth: that everybody deserves a roof over their head.

The outcome

So what’s in a name? How about everything…

EDAROTH is a unique brand name that encompasses the human truth and purpose at the heart of the Atkins mission: Everyone Deserves A Roof Over Their Head.

The new brand is brought to life in a logo that not only communicates the EDAROTH acronym itself, but that visualises the human need at the heart of the mission. It’s accompanied by a strapline to incorporate the brand essence and link to the umbrella brand – Home Reimagined by Atkins.

Supported by a comprehensive, cohesive brand book, guidelines, advertising, film and collateral the new EDAROTH brand is already making its presence felt. After an enthusiastic reception from within the business and at their Canadian HQ, the EDAROTH brand was officially launched at the Houses of Parliament in February this year, and its first completed housing development in London was opened the same month.

There’s no doubt there’s a huge task ahead for EDAROTH as they continue to build on their ambition to tackle the housing crisis, and we’re more than proud to have played our part in creating a brand that’s truly something to write home about.