All together now

by Claire Ashdown | Work | 8 September 2020

All together now

2020. No one’s forgetting that one in a hurry. It’s given many of us some time to stop and focus on what’s important: family, friends, and how being together is something we shouldn’t take for granted.

Whether it’s watching something cheesy with your oldest mate, or sitting around a campfire, laughing at the worst joke you ever heard in your life, we’ve all been hanging on to memories of more carefree times. And that’s how the idea for Toast’d came about.

The client

It’s often the little things that, when we’re given time to think, turn into the big ideas. Lockdown has a lot to answer for, and some of it good. After weeks spent yearning for those simpler, happier times around the campfire, the idea for Toast’d was well and truly cooking.

Toast'd marshmallow kit

Toast’d Marshmallow Toast ‘N’ Dip kits are specially created for families, from little ones to big ones, young ones to old ones and all those in between. Equipped with a special non-toxic toaster and all the indulgent toppings you need, they’re designed to provide everyone, from families, to support bubbles, to faraway loved ones, with everything they need to enjoy a toasting marshmallow experience together. No need for a campfire, survival skills (instinctive or otherwise) or expensive outdoor gear that screams, ‘Bear Grylls learnt everything he knows, from me.’

The opportunity

At Catch A Fire we’re always on the lookout for great ideas that will help spark a better future, and every once a in a while a truly unique product concept comes along. If it’s born around a campfire, so much the better.

We’ve loved working with Toast’d to help create their brand from the ground up, and launch a website and social channels that are the ultimate ‘happy place’, to sell their unique marshmallow dipping kits, but also something else that’s equally as important: togetherness in a box.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from lockdown, it’s that a little bit of what you fancy can do you a whole lot of good.