Always Read The Label

by Claire Ashdown | News | 20 April 2020

Safe and sound.

That product you just picked up in the supermarket. It’s been on quite a journey. By the time it reaches the shelves, our everyday purchases have already navigated their way through more international regulations than you can shake a stick at, to make sure they display product information that is accurate and importantly keeps consumers safe.

It’s a serious business. If product information lacks clarity, it can confuse consumers. Sometimes even endanger them. Getting it right is a complex challenge for brands.

Our client:

Ashbury are a global player in the world of product labelling, with one of the strongest, most knowledgeable teams on the planet. With offices in three continents, providing services for over 70 countries and global regions, and still growing.

The opportunity:

After almost a decade of growth, Ashbury felt it was the right time to take stock and re-evaluate their purpose, their brand and its position in market. To think about how they could best communicate what they stand for in a more welcoming and human way.

Our Approach:

It’s important to put the groundwork in. Taking time to draw out the stories and listen to the people of Ashbury, putting the science and data to one side to discover the real personality and reasons they all get out of bed in the morning.

Armed with fundamental truths, we were able to lock down the essence of their brand and build a clear identity, personality and positioning. The business and brand now has a new purpose:  To be the trusted partner in protecting consumers around the world, through clear and accurate product information. And a brand that can be summed up in one simple endline: Ashbury. The Product Information People. It’s down to earth, clear, explanatory and simple – everything a brand in their line of work should be.

The Outcome

A bold logo that sums up the customer’s journey from uncertainty to reassurance, confusion to clarity and from launch to expansion into the global marketplace.  A set of brand guidelines, films, website, social assets that will help Ashbury tell their compelling and complex story in a more welcoming human and ‘Ashbury’ way.  And with more work in the pipeline this is just the beginning.  So remember whenever you go to the supermarket, always read the label.Video Player