Catch A Fire.
Proud to be ‘B’

Finally, we’ve achieved one of our biggest goals to date. A big tick against one of the ‘to do’s’ we set out when we started our agency almost 5 years ago. We’ve always been about protecting the planet and being a force for good but now it’s official – we are.


B is for balance

Being a B Corp company is about valuing society AND the environment equally to profits. In a nutshell, it’s the sweet spot between growth and sustainability. So some call us eco warriors, some call us tree huggers, some call us Greta, but us B Corps are moulding a better way of doing business, for them, for you, for everyone.

And it’s no walk in the park to become a B Corp either. The initial process is tough, and takes real soul searching. Plus, each B Corp is re-scored every three years so it’s a journey of continuous improvement and will undoubtedly help us grow better as we grow bigger.


Good news for good clients

And when it comes to creating work that ignites change, we’re all in. Our clients know they’re working with a bunch of people who are transparent in everything we do. From the way we run our business, to the head turning, scroll-stopping, wallet opening, opinion changing creativity we produce. Together, we come up with awesome creative stuff that really makes a difference.


B a community

None of this would be possible without our awesome team. The B Corp community helps us find ways to help them too – things that benefit their wellbeing, mental health and career journey. So while we do have the odd free lunch and cool office (thanks Ruth!), we also make sure there are proper things in place that get them inspired and out of bed even on the most miserable of mornings.

The future

What next?

Being a B Corp is monumental in the Catch A Fire journey, we see our certification as testament to our founding ethos and values. But more importantly, we see it as a springboard. Now we’re here, we’re focusing on improving our impact across the board. We’ll be working on our score each year, tweaking and tinkering to strengthen our mission to be a force for good.

Join us

Sound like something you’d like to be part of?

This journey (which took over 18 months) was a natural step for our business. It might not be for the faint-hearted, but it’s the most profound thing we’ve done since founding Catch A Fire. If you’re at all interested in becoming a B Corp the process goes a little like these steps.

  1. The B impact assessment:
    200 online questions to give you an initial score
  2. Improving your score:
    Goals and plans to help you get the minimum score of 80+
  3. The legal bit:
    Governing documents are amended and filed with Companies House
  4. The final step:
    B Lab reviews everything while you continue to work on improvements
  5. B Corp Certified:
    All B Corps publish an annual impact report of goals and progress.

We could chat about B Corp all day, so if there’s anything we can help with, just give us a call:

01892 887239