Behind the scenes with our dynamic duo 

As part of our values launch, we chatted to Sophie and Alex who created the illustrations and animations to find out a bit more about them, their work style and how they approached this unique and personal brief – bringing our values to life in an engaging and meaningful way.

by Toby Barty | News | 17 June 2022

1. Who are you and what do you do?

A: I’m Alex, a Digital Designer at Catch A Fire. My key skills are design, illustration, and animation – bringing digital assets to life.

S: Hello, I’m Sophie, I’m a Junior Designer here at Catch A Fire. My key skills are branding, digital and print design.

2. Describe your working style in 3 words?

A: Passionate, dedicated and daring.

S: Dynamic, open and inquisitive.

3. What do you most like about working at Catch A Fire?

A: Working at Catch A Fire has changed the way I work. The passion and ambition that everyone has creates an incredible atmosphere which allows everyone to thrive. My motivation and dedication to my craft is at an all-time high and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. My voice is heard and my growth in confidence whilst being here has been huge. Seeing the agency grow and the culture which has formed has made it an amazing place to work.

S: I feel so lucky to work in the Kent countryside with a pub in walking distance. I love working with a talented bunch of like-minded people… oh, and the office dogs make Mondays easier.

4. Why do you think it’s important for a company to have values?

A: It’s important to have a core focus that everyone can come back to. Our lives and work schedules are bustling, so to see these values everywhere ensures that we don’t forget what’s important to us – being ethical and the best version of ourselves.

S: It’s important for any company to have a set of guiding values which represent what they stand for. By having these values, it gives everyone a shared purpose which is weaved into everything we do and create. It’s our DNA.

5. What was your thought process behind the illustrations?

A: We wanted them to be memorable and unexpected.

S: I wanted the illustrations to be a cohesive cast of characters that could work on their own, as well as part of a set. I also wanted our Catch A Fire monogram to feature subtly across each character’s appearance, clothing or the objects they interact with. 

6. What was your biggest creative challenge?

A: We needed to make sure all the characters had the right attitude, while keeping them consistent. Eyes were particularly tricky as it was a fine balance to ensure it they could all work as a set without making them feel too cartoony.

S: The hardest challenge was to agree as a collective on an illustration style. When working on the designs and discussing the aesthetics of the work it can become highly subjective. Some people will like one style that another person dislikes. At times you need to have proactive conversations to streamline the feedback in order to push the project onwards.

7. Which character inspires you the most and why?

A: I think our value, ‘Be professional but keep it playful’, stands out to me the most. The importance of finessing your work and keeping it to a high professional standard, is essential. But having fun and experimenting in an exciting playful way is what makes a piece of work stand out.

S: The crocodile inspires me as I feel like it resonates with me the most. As a designer it means solving a problem in a new way, changing your perspective and thinking differently, but most importantly giving someone a surprise. It’s not every day you see a crocodile in a pinstripe suit.