A Day In The Life Of A Junior Social Media Executive

Hey Han, congrats! You’ve been working at Catch A Fire for 6 months now - it’s gone so quick right? 🥳

Let’s do a Q&A so everyone can get to know you a little better and understand what it's like working in a creative agency as a Junior Social Media Executive...

by Hannah Bryant | News | 30 June 2022

What does your typical morning routine look like?

Whether I’m working in the office or from home, I always get up at 6:15am – I love a routine so this gives me time to get ready for my day, or if working from home, I can go for a walk or do a workout before work.

What’s your go-to breakfast?

Whilst I try to be good and have my yoghurt and granola, I do love a slice of marmite on toast and a cup of tea! 😍

Tell us about your typical day in the office.

Generally I get into work a little early as I like to settle in and get myself organised before any meetings or general daily tasks. I write myself a weekly to-do list every Friday for the following week, as well as noting down important tasks for each day. ✍🏼

I find both internal and client meetings a laugh. I am thankful to have wonderful clients such that all meetings have a good vibe.

I like to walk around the vineyard when possible; our scenery is so beautiful and a perfect way to take a break.

Day to day I work on monthly content plans, manage my client’s community management by responding to any message requests / DMs, help with social analysis on new business pitches, content creation and just being a go-to social queen! 💁🏼‍♀️ However, no day is the same and that’s why I enjoy it. Whether I’m doing influencer research, encouraging the team to be in TikToks or doing a social content shoot, my team are so supportive of all I do. 

When all my tasks are complete, I use my drive home as a form of self-care, usually listening to a Spotify playlist or my fave podcast – Sh*gged, Married, Annoyed. It’s such a laugh and takes my mind off work for a while, would 100% recommend it! 💯

Once home, I’ll always take my little dog Maisie out for a walk, either along the seafront or near home and then cook up a storm for dinner. At the moment, Love Island is part of my evening routine, sometimes trashy TV is just what I need as it requires no concentration. I am an early bird so this also means I love an early night. 💛

Do you have any tips for the working day?

  1. Create a routine, whether this is getting up at the same time every day, going for a walk before work or writing up your important tasks for each day. In this role, a lot of work can be last minute or have a quick turnaround so having those consistent factors help create a balance. 📝
  2. Take a break. Whilst I can struggle with this and have to force myself to do it – even just 5 minutes away from the screen to make a cup of tea or have a stretch always helps with my concentration. 🚶‍♀️
  3. Think about your brand’s ethos. What are you doing to contribute to this? I love our ‘Be professional but keep it playful’ value. Catch A Fire encourages trial and error, out of the box ideas and collaboration, all things I love to get involved with! 🔥

Tell us a few interesting facts about you!

I used to be a competitive swimmer (huge emphasis on the ‘used to be’) and I also love to dance. However, I am very shy, so if you see me getting down and busting some moves – you’ll be lucky. I can also rap the first few minutes of Rappers’ Delight but please don’t ask me to do it 😉.

Quick one, who’s your favourite band or musician?

It absolutely has to be Harry Styles – forever and always 💞.

So, how did you get into Social Media?

Whilst I’ve grown up with social media, it wasn’t something I was particularly active on. 

I grew fond of social media when I had my small sewing business, here I learnt the basics of promoting posts and hashtag strategies to reach a further audience but this was all very much self-taught. However, because my final 1.5 years of my textiles and business degree fell within the Covid lockdowns – we needed to show and present our work and portfolios in a different way to the previous physical shows other graduates got to put on. Because of this, I created an Instagram account for my woven textile work that I used as a mood board and portfolio to showcase my project to brands and fellow students.

I’ve always had a creative eye and business mindset but I began to wonder how I could use these skills in an alternative way, and then I saw what is now my role advertised at CAF and I absolutely had to go for it! 👀

What’s your fave social channel and why?

I am a huge lover of Pinterest! 📌 I think due to my personality traits – I love being able to organise and structure pins. It’s also a slower-paced platform than others and really personal, you can create boards on whatever you want! My boards are so random but so individual to me – Tablescapes, Nail Inspo and Bathroom Styling to name a few.

We love that, now who’s your fave social media personality?

There are a few but Robert Mayhew is definitely up there! I came across Rob before I even started at Catch A Fire and absolutely loved his authenticity and unique content. However, since working here, his agency-style content is so relevant and really makes me giggle. 😂

Amazing! Using 3 words how would you describe working at CAF?

Adventurous, adaptable and collaborative.

Last but not least, what are your 3 favourite things about working in Social Media?

  1. I love that I can still be creative and combine so many different skills. Whether it’s my love for a moodboard, or jumping on the current TikTok trends or thinking up some great ideas in our “ideation” sessions! 💭
  2. It’s forever changing, there’s always new things to learn and challenges and platform updates to take on. 💡
  3. Social Media can often be seen as a mentally harmful place, I see the positivity in it and look at how it can benefit our brands, their community and the planet. At Catch A Fire we want to create work that ignites change so we always look for sustainable, ethical and creative ways to make a positive impact.
Charly interviewing me!