Dessert just got sweeter

The restaurants that will bounce back strongly from the global pandemic are the ones that will be looking at their menus from every angle. And if there’s one thing that will be a sure-fire hit with customers, it’s the sweet stuff. Here's how we've been supporting Carte D'Or and their operators to upgrade their dessert menus this year.

by Claire Ashdown | Work | 8 November 2021

The objective

Unilever (UFS) approached us to create an integrated campaign for their well-known Carte D’Or dessert brand, including strategy, creative, operator toolkits and website for the global food service market. It’s often said that you lift yourself up by lifting others, and that was the objective of this campaign: to upsell Carte D’Or products by making the Complete Dessert solution accessible to mid-level operators (restaurants and cafes) who want to elevate their dessert menus – still with the Carte D’Or quality promise – to help boost their own businesses.

The challenge

Carte D’Or traditionally produced separate ranges for FOH and BOH, which they wanted to combine into one complete solution for operators, in order to deliver truly inspiring, useful and practical dessert solutions for chefs. Not only would this help to upsell the Carte D’Or range, it enables chefs to be even more creative, efficient and consistent, without adding any complication in an already busy kitchen.

The solution

Post-COVID recovery for restaurants requires a significant boost for business and for that to happen, operators need an easy-to-adopt solution that will help to differentiate and diversify their menus, and hit the sweet spot between cost and profitability.

The Carte D’Or Dessert Upgrade is an all-in-one solution for operators to adopt and upgrade their menus, enabling chefs to be more creative with easy-to-prepare desserts, allowing restaurants to charge more for their dessert range.

To support the campaign launch, we created a toolkit of assets to activate in the initial test market – Spain. These included inspirational recipe books and content, newsletters and a redesigned website hub on the UFS website, where chefs could access all the content and pledge to be a part of the Dessert Upgrade. With plenty of scope for regional spin-offs and professional engagement, sometimes the simplest solutions turn out to be the sweetest.

Carte D'Or Recipe Book 2
Carte D'Or Recipe Book 1