Partnering with Ecologi for the Future of our Forests

When it comes to protecting the environment and slowing down the impacts of climate change, the vitality of trees and our forests is crucial. One such organisation fighting the good fight is Ecologi, who last year hit a landmark of 30 million trees planted!

by Louise Vickerman | Environmental | 18 March 2022

As a business we have launched our own mission with Ecologi, to offset our carbon emissions and become climate positive. By working in partnership with Ecologi we are committing to planting 288 trees a month reducing 21.2 tonnes of CO2 a month. As our team grows, we commit to planting more trees ensuring we’re always a climate positive team.

As part of this partnership, it’s one more step we can take to improve our carbon footprint as a business and as individuals by planting trees and supporting carbon reduction projects around the world.

Find out how your business can take a step to re-populating.

Forests cover roughly 30% of our planets land mass, they are essential habitats to many species1 and millions of people rely on them for their livelihood. Despite this, deforestation and land clearing are happening at an alarming rate. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, our world has lost 420 million hectares or about a billion acres of forest since 19902.

The world’s most famous forest, the Amazon, is reaching tipping point. This means that if the destruction and deforestation of it isn’t stopped, it will no longer be able to generate its own rainfall and support the rainforest ecosystems3. The top causes of deforestation are industrial agriculture, logging and mining.

Why we need trees

Today is International Day of Forests, so we want to celebrate our forests and share some of the wonderful benefits they have for our planet, to remind us all why they need our protection.

#1 Trees eat the bad stuff

Forests absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that human activities create. These toxins would otherwise roam freely in the atmosphere, contributing to the wild climate patterns and change we are seeing.

#2 All creatures great and small

One word, biodiversity. Forests are home to more than three-quarters of the world’s life on land4 including some of our rarest and under threat species.

#3 Natures air purifier

Trees filter particle matter in the air that are dangerous for human lungs5. These are man-made from fossil fuels and can be particularly dangerous for communities near factories and highways.

#4 Hold us together

Degradation of soil increases the risk, and intensity of, natural disasters like landslides and flooding6. Tree roots help stabilise the soil and minimise this risk of damage and loss of life in local communities. Mangrove forests act the same with sand on beaches.

#5 Good for your health

Forests clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Clean air and water have been proven to reduce the risks of infectious and noncommunicable diseases7. Not just for our physical health, being amongst trees reduces stress and calms the mood. How much better do you feel when you are in nature?

#6 Keeping it cool

Trees create shade, and as temperatures rise and heatwaves become more extreme, we need their help to combat climate change. In urban areas, without tree cover and those delicious breezes, you can really feel the heat.