Future fuel to the fire

Our Design Director, Kamran Akram, shares a first look at our agency rebrand, new website and the reason behind our brand evolution.

by Kam Akram | News | 4 May 2021

The evolution of the Catch A Fire brand

Brands are constantly evolving and we spend a lot of our creative energy at Catch A Fire creating visual identities for our clients that will stand out in the present and also provide a firm foundation for the future. It’s the same for our own brand.

The original Catch A Fire brand identity and logo was created three years ago and was designed to stand out against the noise from traditional advertising agencies. Taking inspiration from lifestyle brands, we wanted to create a free-flowing, organic shape. The brush-script font represented our approachable style and personal touch, and expressed the freedom of our creative approach.

What’s new

Three years on, and we’ve grown. With a great body of work behind us, the time was right to evolve our visual identity and redesign our website to reflect our purpose and mission, and our portfolio to date.

We’ve evolved our brand identity with a refreshed logotype: a bespoke hand-drawn wordmark. It’s still very definitely Catch A Fire, but more distinctive. It expresses our free personality and the energy of the agency and our people.

Our wordmark was redrawn with digital applications in mind, to be clear and legible at smaller scale. Portrait and landscape versions provide flexibility across a range of formats.
It’s accompanied by our new endline – WORK THAT IGNITES CHANGE FOR BRANDS WITH PURPOSE – to explain what we do, and why we’re here.

There’s an added dimension in the form of our newly designed flame monogram, for use in profile icons, sign-offs and badges.

We’ve also refreshed our colour palette: the accent colour, Electric Chartreuse, represents life, growth and vitality, and inspires positive thinking and optimism.

Work that ignites change

Every creative project we undertake is firmly rooted in the values of the brand it represents. Guided by the principle of ‘Work that ignites change’, our new visual identity is a strong foundation to support our strategic and creative direction for years to come. We’ll be making the most of our new website too, as a platform for thought-provoking content that sparks inspiration, creativity and positive change.