Green Hushing: Our webinar round-up

Take a look at the key learnings to coming from our latest Ignite webianr session of Green Hushing.

by Ben May | Environmental | 11 June 2024

In our latest Ignite webinar panel, industry and communications experts delved into the new and worrying phenomenon of Green Hushing. This insightful discussion highlighted three key learnings that every brand committed to sustainability should consider.

The panel discussion, hosted by Catch A Fire’s Senior Strategist Bella Ali-Khan and joined by;

The Rise of Green Hushing

Green hushing is becoming increasingly prevalent across industries. This trend is primarily driven by companies’ apprehension about communicating their sustainability claims correctly. Despite having genuine green processes, many companies prefer to stay silent, fearing backlash or scrutiny. This silence, unfortunately, hinders the progress of transparent and open sustainability dialogues.

The Call for Radical Transparency

Consumers today crave honesty and clarity. Brands are encouraged to develop and share their sustainability stories, focusing on validated claims and clear communication. Radical transparency is not just a buzzword; it’s a demand from consumers who want to see real, tangible actions and results. Creating a compelling sustainability narrative that stands up to scrutiny can build trust and loyalty among consumers.


Embracing the Journey and Amending Goals

Corporate goals, especially those related to climate action, often require adjustments. It’s normal and necessary to amend these goals as new challenges and learnings arise. Being transparent about these changes and honest about the journey can enhance a brand’s reputation. This honesty reflects a commitment to being open and responsible, even if it means taking longer to achieve the desired outcomes.


By focusing on these three areas, brands can navigate the complex landscape of green hushing communications more effectively, fostering trust and building stronger connections with their audiences.


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