Ignite Webinar: Plant-Based is Dead

Plant-based is dead. Or is it? Watch our panel of industry experts discuss the future of meat alternative foods, the current state of the market and its impact on brands and consumers alike.

by Ben May | Plant-Based | 10 October 2023

News outlets have been quick to declare the potential end of plant-based consumption in recent months, citing a lack of funding and declining sales. The reality is that brands across the food and beverage industry are all facing tougher times; it’s not just within the plant-based category.

To help lift the lid and find out what is going on, we have pulled together a panel of industry experts, brand managers, and journalists to uncover the reality of the situation and share their opinions on the future of plant-based foods and the challenges brands face.

Our panel of industry experts from brands and media outlets are…

Let’s dive into our question and hear what our panellists had to say.

Has the alternative meat and fish industry been hit harder than others?

Why are some plant-based brands not surviving?

Have we reached saturation in the market, or is there room for more players?

How do alternative meat brands stay relevant and stay on shelves?

And finally, a Q&A with our audience sharing their burning questions about plant-based, including where the industry is in lobbying effects, cultured meats and more…

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