Instagram Broadcast Channels

Is Instagram’s new Broadcast Channel feature a game-changer or notification overload? 🤔

by Claire Aylard | Thoughts | 29 September 2023

Instagram’s got a brand-new feature, ‘Broadcast Channels,’ and they’re all the rage at the moment. How many notifications have you had already, being added into so many broadcast groups? Has it got annoying yet? 🫠

Despite the frequent Instagram notifications every time you open the app, this could be a game-changing new feature for businesses. Why, you ask? Well, it presents a great opportunity for brands to strengthen their brand identity, build customer loyalty, and enhance their overall social media strategy. 👏🏼

Instagram has long been a valuable platform for businesses, and this new addition could take brand engagement to a level last seen when the chronological timeline was back in use. For many, broadcast channels could position their business in front of thousands and help build and drive their community base. And from what I’ve seen already, brands are already utilising the feature to share new products, exclusive content, conduct live Q&As and run competitions. In my opinion, it’s a sure-fire way to engage with your audience easily 🕺🏼

But, with great opportunity, comes a challenge 💪🏼

There’s a fine line between captivating content and a snooze-fest. While broadcast channels can skyrocket your visibility, overdoing it can make your audience hit the mute button, in turn turning your followers off from your content 🤦🏼‍♂️

The key to success here is don’t just broadcast… connect. Use this as a feature to engage with your audience on a personal level, ask them for feedback, share their user-generated content, and let them peek behind the curtains 📸

A brand that I think is already doing this well…

MOB uses the feature to connect with their audience, promoting price drops on their products and utilising the poll feature to gain valuable insight from their engaged audience. 👏🏼

If you want to dive a little deeper into their new feature, head over to their website.

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