Meaty facts on our appetite for plant-based

As we find ourselves once again in January and, more importantly for some, Veganuary, we’re renewing our focus on the future of plant-based food and drink. As an agency that’s driven by work that ignites change, being a part of the plant-based community is vital for us.

by Claire Ashdown | Plant-Based | 12 January 2022

Largely driven by the rise in popularity of the flexitarian lifestyle over the past few years, the plant-based category has seen huge innovation and growth. With animal agriculture’s present impact on the environment, welfare and ethics, the plant-based category’s potential is too good to miss, for people and planet. 

We’re here to help people and businesses pushing the boundaries in this selector, to help them communicate their visions in the most effective ways. The more people that realise the benefits of plant-based, the healthier a future we will all have to enjoy. 

Last year, we produced an in-depth analysis of the plant-based market. Our report, The Future is Plant, is a detailed look at innovation, trends, consumer desires and of course, some tips and ideas to get brands started. Here, we’re going to take a quick look through some of the stand-out stats that are sure to whet the appetite of brands interested in this sector. 

The full The Future is Plant report can be downloaded for free and get your teeth into the endless opportunities within this market. We hope it’s an interesting read, whether you have an existing project, or something that you’re keen to get moving. If at the end you’re still buzzing with questions or new ideas, please reach out and let us guide your plant-based projects.


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