Mental Health Awareness Week

This year for Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to do something a little different.

by Ben May | Social | 18 May 2023

The NHS states that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience some form of mental health problem yearly.

That got us thinking. There are roughly 1,704 residents in Lamberhurst, the closest village to where we’re based. This meant that there could be 426 people suffering around us right now, who may need help and don’t know it’s out here.

The team at Catch A Fire wanted to try and make people smile with simple, joyful handwritten messages from the heart.

But we know some people’s mental health problems need more than a smile to help. We reached out to a local mental health service, Mental Health Resource. We partnered with them to deliver our messages along with additional support info they could contact.

With the notes being personal messages, we knew we had to deliver them ourselves. So armed with enough messages for the entire village, we set out on our mission to spread a smile and share vital support information.

Making sure people know that ‘if they ever need help, just ask.

You can watch our mission in full below.

Our message

Our postcard messages

“When the team at Catch A Fire reached out to us with this campaign idea, we were immediately sold and so excited to partner with them to deliver this important message. This was especially exciting as it’s during one of our most important times of the year, Mental Health Awareness Week. Driving awareness of mental health problems and normalising conversations about it, especially at a community level, is so vital.”

Jen Williams, Fundraising & Marketing Manager at Mental Health Resource

At Catch A Fire, our first priority is our people’s physical and Mental Health. We support this in a range of different ways, from Mental Health First Aiders to Oddbox fruit delivers, and beach cleans to mentoring programs. A happy and healthy team creates a better place to work and, ultimately, better work for our clients.

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