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We’re a bunch of digital-first creatives who love to create exciting and ambitious digital work for brands. The kind of content that inspires action and intent. How? Well, we’re big fans of storytelling through data-driven, bold and emotive content. We keep the message simple, track the results and continually optimise.

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Social Media

Innovation is second-nature for our social team. This ensures our clients are driving the curve when it comes to emerging online trends. We get into the nitty gritty, learning how your audience uses social media, where they spend time online and what they engage with. The result? Your brand story comes alive in the most authentic and engaging way.

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Digital Search

Everyone wants to be noticed, but for today’s brands, being noticed is crucial. It’s easier said than done, in a world of consistent competition for attention. We can get you noticed through paid campaigns and search engine optimisation (SEO). Knowing what your customers are searching for and when is the magic key. So when they go looking, they find you.

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Content Creation

The best brands on social media are the guys who make it look easy. The art of creating great social media content lies in the careful balance between aesthetics and performance, but with a solid strategy in place, we ensure we find the sweet spot. We keep production agile, reacting and adapting to shifting and emerging online trends across multiple platforms. Social is fast-paced – blink and you’ll miss your chance.

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We get it! First impressions matter, that’s why we build seamless online experiences that stand out from the crowd. Focusing on meaningful and intuitive UX, our bespoke websites are built to be search-engine friendly and Google Analytics optimised so you can easily analyse traffic flow and convert those visitors into leads and sales. Need a hand with ongoing maintenance? We’ve got that covered too.

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Some argue that email campaigns are old news, but they’re just not doing it right. Done right, email makes a big real-time business impact, generating impressive awareness and ROI. We develop bespoke funnels based on engaging user journeys. Layered on top are flows
and automations that put your thumb-stopping message front and centre. Nifty.

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