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Social media is a movement, it’s a culture and it’s constantly evolving. We help brands mute the noise and focus on social-first content that gets them noticed.

These days, being successful on social media isn’t as simple as creating a quick post and uploading it to every social media platform under the sun; nope, each platform has its own particular culture, nuances – even language and tone of voice.

That’s why we put cultural understanding at the heart of every social project we work on. This helps us craft an in-depth strategy and funnel to ensure different touch points and objectives are explored, telling your brand’s story in the most authentic and engaging way.

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Understanding your community

With social, your community is where it starts. We get to know the cultural nuances of your brand’s followers and build up from there. A successful brand on social media integrates seamlessly into its online community, it’s a holistic approach and how you build and retain trust and loyalty.

Once we understand your audience, we define a multi-channel approach, building a funnel that works across the core social media platforms. We’re talking Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. We ensure our goals are aligned, making sure our strategy incorporates your business objectives, whether that be brand awareness, engagement or driving direct leads or sales.

Thumb-stopping creative

When used properly, social media is one of the most effective ways to reach people. But, it only works at its best when it’s combined with epic creative that resonates and engages.

The social media landscape is a competitive one, with millions of new pieces of content being uploaded every day. Creating unique thumb-stopping creatives matter. It’s what gets you noticed and gets people to take action – it takes innovation and experimentation. Our in-house creative and social media team work closely together to ensure your message is big, bold and unmissable.

Test, Learn, Analyse and Adapt

For us, analysing is just as important as the doing. It’s how we assess data, optimise our creatives and provide your audience with the content they actually want to engage with, not just what you think they want to engage with. Social media is fast-paced, what was trending yesterday can just as quickly be gone tomorrow. Each platform is different too, so we make sure our content performs its best across multiple channels.

Our experience has taught us that there are some core principles we can apply to each platform. But to maximise a campaign’s chance of success, every brand should be continuously testing to find its unique sweet spot.

Our social media approach

  • 1 Getting to know your community

    Step one for us is learning how your audience uses social media, where they spend time online and what they engage with so we can tell your brand’s story in the most authentic and engaging way.

  • 2 We get creative!

    Great ideas grab attention, and we want you to get noticed. Whether it’s tapping into an online trend or building a full social media funnel, we keep things social-first and bring our fresh
    way of thinking.

  • 3 We pick up the conversation

    No one likes communicating with a robot, so it’s important
    that your followers feel they’re connecting with a real person.
    It’s a great way for us to use our social listening capabilities
    and report back on what your community is talking about.

  • 4 We analyse and report back to you

    To increase our performance, we have to understand what’s driving it. It’s not our style to set up a campaign and forget about it, we’ll be looking at your account every day, making tweaks and optimisations to continually improve performance and we’ll let you know what we’ve been up to with easily digestible reports.

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