Meet Burny, the front man for The London Wood Burning Project.

The London Wood Burning Project releases ‘Burny’ across 18 boroughs to show the true cost of your cosy winter nights.

by Ben May | Work | 9 November 2023

The London Wood Burning Project, a Defra funded public health awareness campaign, has gone live across eighteen London boroughs. The campaign warns residents about the air quality impact and health risks associated with burning wood in the capital. 

The creative execution sees Burny an illustrated character created by artist Euan Roberts, representing the harmful smoke produced when burning wood. Burny plays a vital role in creating public awareness and personifying the effects on health and the environment caused by wood-burning stoves and open fires. By personifying the issue, the campaign avoids scare tactics and takes a unique approach to enhance awareness and make it relatable to Londoners. 

The Campaign

The five-month-long campaign will launch with out-of-home sites across the participating boroughs. Alongside the OOH, radio ad spots will run on some of London’s biggest stations, LBC, Greatest Hits and more. An ‘always on’ digital campaign across digital and social media will further support and drive awareness.

Burny on underground 6 sheet

The campaign was led by Catch A Fire in partnership with the London Borough of Camden and the London Borough of Islington, who lead the project on behalf of all the participating boroughs. 

A spokesperson from The London Wood Burning Project said, “In 2022, we received funding from the Defra Air Quality Grant Scheme for the ‘London Wood Burning Project’. This Project allows us to create awareness and engagement around the impact wood burners and fireplaces have on air pollution and the health risks linked to this, which many across London may not know about.

Craig Roderick, Catch A Fire’s Executive Creative Director, said, “People have just never been made aware of the harm real fires are doing to them personally within their homes and on a wider scale to the environment. The roar of a ‘real’ fire has always been portrayed as romantic and appealing. Hopefully, our ‘Ferocious monster’ character, Burny, will arm families this winter with the knowledge needed to make the right decisions.”

The Work

Illustrated Character – Burny
Printed 48 Sheet OOH
Static Social
Radio Ad
Animated Digital & Social

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