The new plant-based product that pops

A brand new campaign with big, bold intentions.

by Hannah Weale | News | 17 March 2022

Every week here at Catch a Fire is exciting, but a week that marks the launch of a multi-channel, plant-based campaign is a really exciting week. That’s right, we are proud to reveal the creative for our latest collaboration for LIVEKINDLY Collective brand, Fry’s.

The campaign, How do you pop?, launches Fry’s brand new product, Popcorn Chick’n. It’s a family-friendly, vegan alternative to an ever-popular chicken treat. Oh, and it’s super tasty.

Fry’s is a global brand, with an ambition to drive stronger awareness in the UK plant-based FMCG market. Competition is rife, but for Fry’s, a challenger brand grown from one vegetarian family’s kitchen table to a global business, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With a mentality to grow market share through bolder communications, and a recent partnership with LIVEKINDLY Collective, Fry’s is ready to take the UK market by storm.

Our challenge, which we gladly accepted, was to help Fry’s launch Popcorn Chick’n to market with a, well, with a pop.

Laying it on the table

Our research told us that, although plant-based eating is on everyone’s lips right now, there aren’t that many options aimed at children or families. And yet at the same time, parents are keen to introduce more vegetarian and vegan options at the dinner table. Anyone who’s tried to persuade an unwilling littl’un to eat ‘just a fairy portion’ of broccoli knows that trying new plant-based foods can be a challenge for kids.

Popcorn Chick’n offers an easy plant-based swap for parents, while still being a recognisable dish for kids to try. It’s new, but not unrecognisably so. This presents Fry’s with a great opportunity to give parents a helping hand at dinnertime. Or lunchtime. Or snacktime. Because that’s the great thing with this product – it’s tasty, fun, accessible and versatile. Which leads us nicely into the campaign itself.

Launching with a bang

How do you pop? The question soon to be on everyone’s lips. We really wanted this campaign to mirror the playful, flexible nature of this product. The idea of eating Popcorn Chick’n in different ways feels natural, whether it’s tea time finger food for pre-schoolers, or a film night dinner for students.

We’ve used a fresh, vibrant design and art direction to highlight the different ways people can enjoy Popcorn Chick’n. The campaign is launching on social media (including YouTube with connected TV, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook), as well as out of home adverts, digital and press. A blend of film and portrait photography, will bring the campaign to life. Subtle illustrations further add to the playful visuals, building in a sense of teatime fun. On social media, interactive assets aim to encourage engagement and drive user generated content of how people pop. It’s bold, colourful and, we hope, accessible to all.

Nicola Yates, LIVEKINDLY Collective’s UK Marketing Director, said, “We’re all about making plant-based eating the new norm, and our new Popcorn Chick’n certainly provides a great tasting plant-based alternative to a popular takeaway favourite, making that swap super easy. We love the fun and energy that comes across in the How do you pop? concept and look forward to seeing how everyone starts “popping”, both in and beyond the plant-based space.”

Our Creative Director, Craig Roderick, reflected, “As a long time veggie, and running an ethical agency like Catch A Fire, we jumped at the chance to work with Fry’s and LIVEKINDLY Collective. The Fry family started the company with animal welfare and healthy family eating at its heart, with the belief that they could help the planet from around the kitchen table – a sentiment perfectly aligned with ours. For this campaign, we wanted to switch the narrative to lead with how fun and great the food is to eat, with the secondary messaging: it’s plant-based too. Our hope is that it gets lots more people interested in plant-based food, realising vegan certainly doesn’t have to mean boring – hopefully we’ve given it some pop.”

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